Tuesday, 2 June 2009

To Most, Change is Unimaginable Until it Happens


ashleigh - xo said...

tres puissant
i was truly moved
the only magic is love...
that line brought tears to my eyes

Daniel Pires said...

I really liked this!
It kind of reminds me a film that I've just did, although they are really different! But it's still about changing, searching beyond!


All the best

Anonymous said...

"I would describe Sophia as an emerging archetypal pattern, not yet fully in consciousness, that is bringing to our western culture a new understanding of the relationship between spirit and matter. The masculine Wisdom of God, as many of us have experienced it, resides in theology, dogma, and moral philosophy. Because it is a knowable Wisdom it is accessible to reason, and being accessible it is codifiable. It can be and often is reduced to catechism. It is an institutionalized collective Wisdom. The Wisdom of Sophia, on the other hand, is the Wisdom of the unknowable. It is the nonrational, nonrepeatable and nonconsistent. It belongs to the here-and-now, the immediate moment. William Blake describes it as the moment in each day that Satan cannot find, as short as the pulsation of an artery. It is the moment in which life is conceived not in some repeatable fashion, for it is unique and particular to the moment. "

-Marion Woodman

konshonchloe said...

good blogg!!!!

victor langer said...

marry me instead.

GERALD said...

matthew is a lucky boy to be with you..