Tuesday, 23 June 2009

When is a RULE not a RULE?

"Everything is Possible" (Detail) - 2008 - Photographic print on vinyl and wood.

At one of my regular artist salons, I set the group task of generating a set of rules for artist's behaviour. This is clearly an odd task and was not one that many were particularly happy to engage with! The general consensus was that we did not have the right to prescribe the actions of others. Some refused point blank stating that there should be "No rules!", which somewhat mystically became rule number 7.

I set the task because I wanted to think and hear about the personal "rules" that my friends subjected themselves to. Even if they weren't prepared to believe that these rules should be applied universally. Perhaps they aren't even rules at all.

The rules were actually written on a cloth napkin, smeared with chocolate cake and then tied around the neck of a glass water bottle. At some point I will upload a picture of the napkin.

Please add responses and your personal rules in the comments.

These are the rules that were generated by the salon.

(As they were being created we acknowledged that at any time they might need to be destroyed entirely.)

1. No cocaine
2. Must be beautiful
3. Learn how to draw (respect doodles)
4. The work is more important than the man
5. Be informative
6. Shut up about the art-world
7. No rules
8. No work about money
9. Have discipline
10. Don't repeat anything more than three times
11. No irony
12. Psychological danger - Do it
13. Fuck semantics
14. Fashion is not art
15. Art is not fashion
16. Be totally convinced of your ideas at the same time ready to relinquish them entirely
17. Trust intuition
18. No hierarchy of education
19. Be melodramatic
20. Storytelling is SO important


grey said...

i like rule no 7
and i love the art

Hood said...

Couldn't agree more on the last one!

ps: i urgently need a place to live, do u happen to know some? i'd be really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

There's a fashionable/"trendy" aspect to some of your stuff

Anonymous said...

A bit wanky

whilst other stuff challenges/evokes/makes one think etc

Anonymous said...

I call bullshit on number 14 and 15

These rules, which they are all in whatever form trying to convey are dosed with heavy irony, and lapped on with complete Cliché.

Rule 21 should completely disregard the 20 before this.

"Silence is not golden, it's mauve"

I consider optimism as rebellion lazy, optimism creates conformity which creates a comfortable humane lifestyle.

Live in the center, with chaos dripping everywhere, Remember to embrace chaos and refine optimism in its dullest form (while keeping it subtle as possible).