Monday, 22 September 2008

The FUTURE Radio Show

I'm living in the FUTURE.

On Saturday afternoon I hosted a live radio show with some of my friends. The show functioned as an extension of the weekly artists salon I run. This time including discussion, live music and specially recorded sound-pieces.

Whilst our attitudes and opinions towards them remain separate, several collective concerns have emerged at the salon. There is a general mood and consensus that the FUTURE is something that we not only can, but must, shape with creativity and intelligence.

It was exciting to hear these thoughts expressed and to have them recorded so that people who don't attend the salon can engage with it too.

Download the show (2 hours: 281mb)

I will be doing another music orientated show on Wednesday 1st October at 10pm.
You can listen online here:

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Milan Rehearsal

We had a great rehearsal this evening for the performance tomorrow.

"And as they reached for God with their fingertips, their toes wrote stories in the sand."

9pm at ASSAB ONE
associazione promozione arte contemporanea
Via Assab, 1
20132 Milano
tel +39 02 2828546 - + 39 348 2925085
fax +39 02 26111752

Friday, 12 September 2008


Last night S.C.U.M played at the Shoreditch Church to mark the release of their debut single "Visions Arise".

Chrome Hoof

Some pictures of Chrome Hoof at Offset festival.

Karley Sciortino

With CONDUITS/Gea Politi, I will be presenting a dance-based performance and ritual on Wednesday 16th of September in Milan.

I have been working on it with my friend and writer Karley Sciortino (pictured below).

Read her incredible blog Slutever...

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Matthew Stone - Saatchi Online Interview

I can't remember who took this with my camera, but I like it.

I have an interview up today on the Saatchi Blog you can find it here.

Florence and the Machine

Some of my images of Flo, from Florence & the Machine were published in this months i-D Magazine.

You can buy the issue HERE.