Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Detail from FutureHindsight series 2007

Few know of what I speak now,

And of those who don't, even less suspect.
But the time has come to be direct.
I walk the earth, but my home is above,
Peopled with strings, a world of love.

True on earth, hardship brings community.
How dare I justify self-imposed immunity?
Our rarefied land of nobile sublimity,
Extracts and catalogues all of divinity.

Upon our strings we soar on high,
Our thoughts as sound adorn the sky,
Partnered concepts find chords of truth,
Fractured themes bend to youth.

And with these gifts we can bestow
Fleeting clarity to those below,
The greatest artworks for all the ages,
and hero songs upon history's pages.

This is an excerpt from the Poem/Story "FutureHindsight" I co-wrote with Richard Elms in 2007.

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