Friday, 23 November 2007

Last pictures from Greece

Javier Peres –

"Matthew you disappeared for hours on the island yesterday...where did you go?? I heard it had something to do with a goat, a paper skirt and Terence KOH? Care to explain?"

Matthew Stone -

"Ha-ha! I think on closer examination of the photos it’s a sheep! Do you think that if we print that it’s a goat it will be? Well we drove out to the beach and did beach things, we drank pink champagne and sandy tequila, threw stones in the sea to decry the lack of talent in the world, laughed a lot and then drove back to the beautiful hotel listening to electroclash (did you know Frank Sinatra is dead?). On route, we kept stopping and taking photos of each other. Pretty standard for happy holidays I think! The first place we pull up to is a little church and when we get to the foot of it there is a little white goat waiting for us; only it’s dead. So we are like.. “What the fuck!?”, but only in a celebratory sense. Because weirdly. It wasn’t surprising.

I was taught long ago that in the right company, under the right sky, these things just… well.. happen.

Then we left the goat and raced onwards chasing the sun over the hills and down a steep cliff to a private beach. Terence paid the guy who claimed he owned the beach €100 just to let us scramble down this almost sheer face. It was worth it though, because as we climbed down onto the rocky beach, we saw the top lip of the sun gasp a final breath of Grecian air and then as the sun drowned, Terence stepped into the sea wearing the Comme des Garçons paper skirt.

It seems the sea is a fan of couture because she claimed most of it."

These images and the text are an excerpt from an interview with Javier Peres featured in this month's i-D magazine.


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Stunning pictures - inpiring blog!

Chrischa said...

i love the pics+