Monday, 24 September 2007

Asia Song Society

Installation view 1.

Installation view 2.

Video piece from show.

The following text was presented with the work. More images to follow.

"In each age there arise various collectively held truths. History perennially defines them only to systematically destroy and replace them anew. With hindsight we cast light upon their naivety and misunderstanding.

I propose that with a trans-historical awareness we can consciously commandeer these processes to interrupt, knowingly determine and therefore each creatively pre-empt future history as we see fit in it's imminent conception. I do not seek to propose any doctrine or fixed ideological system, definitions of any kind seem but a death to all other possibilities.

It has become apparent that we might not just let history occur. With access to a library of infinite possibility, we will make it happen."

Matthew Stone compiled the text above from iChat conversations that took place between himself and Kathryn Garcia between 12/07/07 and 11/09/07.

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