Thursday, 19 July 2007

Future Re-Enactment

Future Re-enactment for the Unwittingly Involved

Part Two.

Dearest Participants,

We are gathering upon the evening of Wednesday the 18th of July 2007 between the hours of 6pm and 9pm to conclude a two-part narrative.

An event occurred here upon the evening of Friday the 13th of which you can see the detritus and documentation.

The events of tonight are of equal importance/triviality.

It is my intention that we should convene to delicately lead each other and ourselves through what is an as yet unknown territory. However it may not be foreign in entirety, it is my instinct that upon this not entirely incidental and collective journey, there may well be many landmarks and willowy lights that we each recognise in passing. For different minds cast different shadows and I feel we must confidently let our own bodies describe and light the path of each other’s when and where we see them.

I am keen to state that it is my absolute and resolute intuition that everything we have and are about to experience is in no way beyond our own personal understanding on some level.

We stand/lie here united in infinite possibility. One thing I would ask that we take constant moments to stay mindful and soulful of the endless repercussions and interconnected echoes our actions will inevitably take.

Yours truly,

Matthew STONE

The video documentation of Friday the 13th was edited by The-O and Matthew Stone.

DVD loop projection

Soundtrack: Flug zum Elfenbeinturm (Flight to the Ivory Tower)
Klaus Doldinger (The Neverending Story)

Duration: 4 minutes

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