Monday, 16 April 2007

Hand studies

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The black triangle is a lesbian or feminist symbol of pride and solidarity.

The symbol originates from Nazi concentration camps, where every prisoner had to wear one of the Nazi concentration camp badges on their jacket, the colour of which categorised them according "their kind". Individuals deemed "asocial" had to wear the black triangle. The majority of black-triangle prisoners were mentally retarded or homeless. But smaller groups of prisoners were also given this badge, including alcoholics, the habitually "work shy", prostitutes, and others.

Roma or Gypsies were usually classed with black-triangle prisoners, but at some camps were given a separate badge - the brown triangle - instead.

In the Nazis' meticulous records there is no word of the black triangle having been imposed on lesbians, or of lesbians as a group being confined to concentration camps. However, some have reasoned that since the Nazis believed strongly in a traditional social role for women, lesbians and other sexually unconventional women might logically have been considered "asocial" from the Nazis' point of view.

The black triangle in Magic is the symbol for 'Aqua' - water.

Triangle is also